100% product knowledge

We provide 100% product knowledge about customer interested machinery and products. Again and again we explain about our products, sales and marketing until customer clearly knows about our machinery and products.



Input of new Technology

In GREENTECH, we analyse the paper products in market and giving the feedback to the customers and the current market position. These analyses are going on daily, weekly and monthly bases.GREENTECH is also analysing to give input of new technology in our machines.


Office, Machinery, Factory

Green tech is offering three steps:

Office (Customer meeting, Machine demo, Invoice)

Machinery assemble unit (Machine assembly, Parts, Fittings and Delivery)

Factory (Frame works, Heavy parts manufacturing and Service).



Tools For Fast Operations

  • Delivery periods for machinery : (from date of advance)
    • Paper cup machines : 45 to 50 days
    • Paper plate machines (hydraulic) : 30 days
    • Paper plate machines (hand press) : 15 to 20 days
    • Paper bag machines : 60 days
    • Raw materials : Max. 4 to 7 days
    • Screen printing (manual) : 7 days
    • Screen printing 4 color : 20 days
  • First preference is given to the alternative customers
  • Before delivery customer should provide their GST nos.
  • Transports ­ extra (customer)
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